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Do I Need a Consultant?

Individuals needing help or families with a loved one who is in need of help may ask themselves, “Why do I need a Consultant? Why cant I do this on my own?”. When seeking help for mental health struggles or help overcoming addiction every decision is crucial. As we are all very unique individually, so should our treatment process.  Each person starting their journey to recovery has needs that are specific to that person as an individual. There is no “cookie cutter” approach when it comes to successful treatment. When making decisions regarding treatment options, a consultant can assist an individual in making decisions that are right for them as a unique individual with unique individual needs. Our consultants can help navigate through the complicated process of successful treatment and recovery. Here at Hart Consultants our industry-leading consultants will bring clarity, comfort, and knowledge to this difficult journey of recovery.


Hart Consultants helped us navigate the treatment process for our daughter before, during, and after her experience in drug treatment. As we embarked on the journey to getting our daughter help, we were overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and in desperate need of guidance and support. Hart Consultants provided us with the direction, answers, and hope that our family needed, and our daughter has now been clean and sober for over one year.

Jean S

As we watched our daughter lose her battle with a severe eating disorder, we knew that she needed help, and we had to learn how to provide her with the help she needed. Hart Consultants helped our daughter recover from her eating disorder both in treatment and after. Hart Consultants changed our lives for the better, and has been a blessing for our daughter and our family at large.

Sarah C.

Hart Consultants became a valued member of our family throughout our son’s journey into sobriety and recovery. He told us the tough stuff we needed to hear without reservation, and offered consistent support throughout the process. Our son has now been clean and sober for almost two years, and we could not have done it without the help of Hart Consultants.

Brandon L.

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