At Hart Consultants, we provide a number of different services to fit the needs of each individual client.

Hart Consultants offer individual wrap-around treatment and transitional care programs for individuals suffering from addiction, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions. We provide a customized and exclusive level of care hand-in-hand with the nation’s most highly regarded residential treatment centers, outpatient programs and sober livings.  Our role is to coordinate with members of the recovery team (therapist, psychiatrist, family members, etc.) to create an environment that supports individuals who are choosing recovery.  Our treatment philosophy is built upon an exclusive, holistic and individualized approach designed to facilitate communication, and empower clients and their the families.

We facilitate constant communication among treatment team members and families, and are on-call 7 days a week. We provide education and support for families of addiction and behavioral mental health.  We coach clients in making recovery-oriented decisions, and coach their families on how to support them in taking the next right step.  We help the client implement and follow through with their recovery plan and treatment recommendations. Above all, we build a unique relationship with each client that supports them in doing the challenging work demanded of them in the healing process.


No matter where an individual is on their journey, a recovery consultant can ensure that your loved one is getting the best continuity of care possible.  We work with individuals at all stages of recovery, whether leaving residential treatment, a psychiatric facility, currently in sober living, in an outpatient/day program, in their own home, in the process of transitioning from sober living/treatment to their own home, or recently relapsed. In situations where inpatient treatment is not an option, we work with clients to construct an plan of recovery tailored just for them.  Recovery consultants at Hart Consultants will put in place clinical and holistic elements to create structure for each client’s support, accountability and freedom from suffering.

Services at a Glance:

We work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are struggling with substance abuse or mental health.

We understand that this process is difficult not only for the individual seeking treatment but also for the family. We can provide assistance for the entire family.

We develop transition plans for the individual when coming out of treatment.

We assist with developing a treatment plan and goals to ensure success.

We assess individuals in need of help.

We assist with the arrangement of wrap-around treatment services including RTC (Residential Treatment Services), IOP (Intensive out Patient), individual therapy, NA/AA, Sober living, Educational services, etc.

We assist in finding and placing the client in the right residential treatment program when necessary.

We ensure that all parties involved in the treatment process remain united and focused on treatment goals.

We ensure that there is continuity of care throughout the individuals treatment journey.